A Dreamer’s Paradise

A collection of poetry and short stories on all things dating and relationships. I have had my fair share of relationships some good and bad. Add into the mix my anxiety and depression who aren’t that much help if you ask me. But it is through my experiences here that I found my love for writing. Nothing quite makes you as poetic like a broken heart.

Here you will find all my failures and mistakes, from not showing up cause I was too scared, to the agonizing nights spent waiting for a reply. The good stuff. Grab a glass, some wine and join me on my journey to figuring out how all this works.

Who I could have been (Dealing with Heart-Break)

PLAYING GAMES WITH THE WHAT-IFSYou see a few months ago, I was a different girl. I had different dreams, different views and a whole different life. When I look to tomorrow, today will feel just the same.Each new day, brings a brand-new cycle of what-ifs,All playing the same role in the endless loop of theContinue reading “Who I could have been (Dealing with Heart-Break)”

The Things I never Said (Learning to Love when all you know is Pain)

Dear Him Looking back now, I realise how much I hurt you. For that I want to apologise. I apologise for all the times, you shared with me your personal achievements but I was too caught up in my own struggles to celebrate with you. I never took time to understand why you were soContinue reading “The Things I never Said (Learning to Love when all you know is Pain)”

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