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In Silence

The chase of getting you to love me was exciting, It was dangerous, Full of plagues, Locusts waiting to devour what we had. Would you find me attractive? Would my character deter you? . What if you found out I slept with the devil? The man who takes my thoughts, Slowly twists them until they […]

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Who I could have been (Dealing with Heart-Break)

PLAYING GAMES WITH THE WHAT-IFSYou see a few months ago, I was a different girl. I had different dreams, different views and a whole different life. When I look to tomorrow, today will feel just the same.Each new day, brings a brand-new cycle of what-ifs,All playing the same role in the endless loop of the […]

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Are you worth it? (Finding your Confidence)

I could hear her, she was right there. “Who do you think you are? Why do you even bother? With all you have done, all those you have hurt. You do not deserve love. You are not beautiful enough, smart enough. YOU ARE NOT WORTH ittt…” That girl I knew her, she was not foreign. […]

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Dating with Anxiety (Part 1)

Several months after our breakup, I sat down on the couch replaying all our memories together (definitely not one of my finest moments). It had been a while since I had last thought about him. An hour later I came to the realization I barely knew the guy I had spent the last year with. […]

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