The Swan Egg (Healing from Childhood trauma)

A fork. A fork, cup, pan, and oil. Basic essentials to make A perfectly fried egg. Ohh and heat. Maybe some salt if you like to tantalize the taste buds, we are so eager to please. Those of the gentler species would see mishaps, Well, the speckles of the shell, the freckles if I amContinue reading “The Swan Egg (Healing from Childhood trauma)”

Yours (A poem on Women empowerment)

I am ungrateful you say. I should be happy with the curves my mother bestowed on me. Acceptance is what you say I should have. Huh… Maybe my granddaughter. You do not know who I truly am. Mentally broken with a heart that has lost all hope, That is me. I am trapped by theContinue reading “Yours (A poem on Women empowerment)”

In Silence (Dating with anxiety)

The chase of getting you to love me was exciting, It was dangerous, Full of plagues, Locusts waiting to devour what we had. Would you find me attractive? Would my character deter you? What if you found out I slept with the devil? The man who takes my thoughts, Slowly twists them until they becameContinue reading “In Silence (Dating with anxiety)”

Who I could have been (Dealing with Heart-Break)

PLAYING GAMES WITH THE WHAT-IFSYou see a few months ago, I was a different girl. I had different dreams, different views and a whole different life. When I look to tomorrow, today will feel just the same.Each new day, brings a brand-new cycle of what-ifs,All playing the same role in the endless loop of theContinue reading “Who I could have been (Dealing with Heart-Break)”